Choice of Aquarium

An aquarium can be an integral part of any space. The thriving ecosystem of an aquarium, the living organisms in it, surrounded by special lighting, imaginative decorative elements, and elegant furniture are hardly unnoticed.

However, not every aquarium is the same. There is a wide variety, and sometimes this can make the final decision to purchase the right aquarium difficult.

At myaquarium, we can suggest which aquarium suits the needs of your space as well as your specific requirements. Thanks to our specialized staff and years of experience, we will be able to guide you in a choice that will satisfy you. Our goal is to take into account every technical difficulty without depriving our work of creative imagination.

Because just as every aquarium is a unique ecosystem, each of our clients is treated specially.

Commercial use aquariums

Fish Spa: myaquarium offers a wide variety of fish spa systems. Additionally, it can create a brand-new setup customized to your space’s needs.

Our fundamental principle is the maintenance of hygiene standards, which is achieved thanks to specialized knowledge about the garra rufa fish species.

Live Seafood Holding Tanks: Professional live seafood holding tanks for edible lobsters and shellfish are essential tools for businesses in the hospitality industry. The goal is to prolong the maintenance of live, edible lobsters and shellfish. This improves the quality of the catch while simultaneously serving as a pleasant attraction for the professional space.

Our company has extensive experience in professional live seafood holding tank systems in Greece and Cyprus, with successful partnerships in both the supply chain and hospitality sectors.

Selected Aquarium Constructions from myaquarium