Aquarium Construction

myaquarium.gr has been operating since 2006 and specializes in the construction of high-quality aquariums and aquatic features. The shape and volume of the aquarium are not predetermined but are precisely tailored to the space in which it will be housed. myaquarium possesses the knowledge, experience, and essential creativity to create the best result.

All the solutions we propose are 100% in line with the needs of the fish and other aquatic organisms that will be housed in the aquarium.

We use modern and reliable techniques with automation that relieve the aquarium owner from tasks that need to be performed regularly, such as automatic water replenishment, simulating natural lighting, automatic water temperature regulation, and monitoring vital parameters for the aquarium.
Aquarium Maintenance
Behind the beautiful image of an aquarium or a pond always lies a proper maintenance program. Knowledge, experience, continuous training, organization, modern equipment, and a commitment to achieving the best results are the elements that have made the aquarium maintenance teams of myaquarium recognizable throughout the country.

In our full supervision program and aquarium maintenance, all tasks related to water quality control, technical equipment, cleaning, and more are taken care of. Maintenance can be carried out at predetermined intervals or scheduled based on our telephone reminder.

We provide:

  • All consumable materials required for the job (water tests, special liquids, medications, etc.)
  • Maintenance equipment
  • 24-hour telephone support for any troubleshooting
  • The immediate presence of our team in case of emergencies within 24 hours
  • The organisms destined for our clients’ aquariums have spent a period in our facilities under monitoring conditions and have received preventive treatment for the most common and dangerous diseases.


Like any material, the silicone used in the construction of an aquarium, whether it’s factory-made or custom-built, has a specific lifespan. In addition, activities inside the aquarium, such as cleaning the crystal surfaces, as well as the operating conditions of the aquarium and the environment, like fluctuations in temperature, can lead to a decrease in the adhesive capacity of the silicone.

As a result of the above, gradual water leakage or even the sudden detachment of the crystals in the aquarium has been observed.

Our company, with the assurance of years of exclusive experience in the construction and maintenance of aquariums, fully takes on the process of reinforcing or replacing the silicone seams of your aquarium, as well as repairing any leaking piping systems.
Our company fully undertakes the uninstallation, transportation, and reinstallation of the aquarium in its new location, ensuring the safety of the aquatic organisms and without any damage to the materials, mechanical equipment, and the surrounding area, in the shortest possible time.

Specialized personnel from our company will promptly provide you with the most cost-effective offer for the safe completion of the project. To ensure smooth and safe transportation, a visit to the current and new locations of your aquarium is essential, and recording the parameters related to the relocation, as well as the living organisms and mechanical equipment.

The aquarium relocation will be carried out by the necessary number of personnel from our company to expedite the process. The cessation of aquarium operation at the current location involves packing the aquarium and mechanical equipment, as well as transferring the live organisms to transport tanks. It’s also possible to temporarily house these organisms at our company’s facility if needed.

For the aquarium relocation, size-dependent equipment such as a crane and customized truck will be used.

Finally, the aquarium will be safely installed in its new location. The reassembly and connection of the mechanical equipment will be completed, the aquatic organisms will be reintroduced to the aquarium, and the system’s proper operation will be verified, marking the completion of the process.

Aquarium services from myaquarium