Locatelli Restaurant at Amara Hotel

In 2019, our company was called upon to undertake a rather demanding project. A jellyfish display aquarium for the Locatelli restaurant at Amara Hotel.

The construction of the aquarium was done in a manner to ensure the continuous circular motion of the jellyfish, which is essential for their maintenance. In addition, discreet lighting with the ability for multiple color variations was installed to emphasize the presence of both the aquarium itself and the jellyfish. The result was an aquarium that harmonized with the space, serving as a unique focal point.

Regarding the species of jellyfish, as the aquarium’s operation is in a commercial space, we considered the Aurelia aurita species to be the best choice. The reason is that it is a quite impressive commercially available jellyfish species with lower demands compared to others, as it is not highly sensitive.

Study & Constrcution

2018 - 2019


Lemesos, Cyprus


Amara Hotel

Total system volume

3000 liters

Project Photos